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    Are You in Need of a Smile Makeover?

    Are You in Need of a Smile Makeover?

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    Smile Makeover Dentist Livonia MINo matter how beautiful you feel, dull and unattractive teeth will leave you feeling insecure about your appearance. Our talented staff in Livonia can help you get the smile you have always wanted!

    If you’re not pleased with the overall look and health of your teeth, you should consider asking our cosmetic dentists in Livonia if you’re a candidate for a smile makeover.

    A smile makeover focuses on your smile as a whole, not just one tooth or dental condition. If you have multiple areas that could use dental treatments, a smile makeover could be the right choice for you.

    What is a Smile Makeover?

    The great thing about a smile makeover is that our dentists will take your whole smile into consideration. Whether you have chipped, crooked, or discolored teeth – or all the above – a smile makeover can give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of. Call today to learn if you’re a candidate for a smile makeover!

    During your consultation with one of our cosmetic dentists, your teeth will be examined to determine which areas need improvement. You should tell our dentists straight away about what you want to achieve with your smile makeover so you can be sure you’ll be getting a smile that looks and feels best for you. Our cosmetic dentists will then map out the game plan for your smile makeover.

    Smile Makeover Benefits

    Our dentists use restorative and cosmetic dentistry procedures to:

    • Give you a beautiful smile
    • Correct multiple dental conditions in a short period of time
    • Improve your oral health
    • Boost your confidence

    Smile Makeover Options

    Our smile makeover dentists offer a full range of procedures for restorative and cosmetic dentistry. Whether you need to replace missing teeth with dental implants or simply whiten your smile, you can trust our dentists to always provide quality patient care.

    Our dental services to improve your smile include:

    • Teeth Whitening: Get an evenly whitened, radiant smile.
    • Porcelain Veneers: Veneers are best for correcting chipped, cracked, uneven, and discolored teeth. Porcelain veneers can also help close small gaps between teeth. We also offer Lumineers®️ if you wish to preserve as much natural tooth structure as possible.
    • Snap-On Smile®️: The Snap-On Smile is worn over your natural teeth and gums to give you the appearance of a more attractive smile.
    • Teeth Bonding: During teeth bonding, our dentists use composite resin to fix minor aesthetic imperfections.
    • Dental Bridges: Like the name suggests, a dental bridge “bridges” the gap left in your smile by a missing tooth. A dental bridge is comprised of a false tooth supported by crowns on both sides.
    • Dental Crowns: Adental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that covers a broken or decayed tooth.
    • Dental Implants: A dental implant is an artificial tooth root (typically made of titanium) that’s placed in your jaw to later support a crown.
    • Dentures: A denture is a removable oral appliance that holds artificial teeth and gums.

    Our dentists at Livonia Family Smiles want to help you smile with confidence. If you’ve been struggling with unattractive teeth, now’s your chance to finally get the smile you’ve always wanted. A smile makeover fixes practically every cosmetic imperfection you can think of, not just one. To schedule an appointment with our smile makeover dentists in Livonia MI, call (734) 525-6100.