5 Tips To Improve Your Experience With Braces

5 Tips To Improve Your Experience With Braces

If you or your child is about to embark on a journey to straighten your teeth with traditional metal braces, there are a few steps you can take to ensure that your experience is a good one. 

This avenue toward a great smile and improved oral health is effective, but it does have a few challenges. Overcome them easily with just a little extra effort.

The team of dental health experts here at Livonia Family Smiles, led by Dr. Aziza Askari, has helped scores of our patients achieve beautiful, healthy smiles through braces, and we can do the same for you and your family. Following the five tips we outline below will go a long way toward that goal.

1. Cleaning

One of the primary challenges when it comes to metal braces is thoroughly cleaning your teeth. When the braces come off, we want your teeth to sparkle, so it’s important that you:

Remember not to scrub your teeth, but to gently run the tooth brush over every surface at an angle.

2. Flossing

It’s important to clean in between your teeth, but braces can make it slightly more difficult. You can use a floss threader to help work around the metal or, better yet, you can use a water irrigator to clean in between your teeth.

To help you choose the right water flosser, you can refer to this list, which was approved by the American Dental Association.

3. Rinse often

We mentioned rinsing your mouth with water before you brush, but you can go a step further and rinse after every meal to dislodge any food that may get caught in your braces.

4. Avoid hard, chewy foods

You can make the cleaning process much easier if you avoid sticky, chewy foods that can get stuck in your braces. If you pop a piece of gum in your mouth, you’ll see exactly what we’re talking about.

Aside from gum, foods like meats, taffy, and corn on the cob can be very difficult to remove from your braces. If you do want to eat a nice steak, we suggest that you cut it into very small pieces that you can chew easily.

To protect your braces, it’s also important to avoid hard foods that might break certain components. For example, you should avoid nuts, hard candies, apples, and popcorn.

5. Use a soft wax

If the metal braces irritate the soft tissues inside your child’s or your mouth, we recommend that you use a soft wax to cover the offending pieces of metalwork. These waxes are typically found in most pharmacies.

If you follow these tips while you wear braces, you should come out the other end of your braces journey with a big smile full of healthy teeth.

If you have more questions about living with metal braces, please don’t hesitate to contact our office in Livonia, Michigan.

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