Myths and Facts About Dentures

Since an estimated 38 million Americans wear dentures, you’d think we know a fair bit about them. Actually, though, most people think dentures are clunky oral appliances that only elderly people wear.

The truth is far from that. People of all ages wear dentures for a number of reasons. And today’s dentures are more sophisticated than you might expect. Here at Livonia Family Smiles, Dr. Aziza Askari, Dr. Emad Hajar, and Dr. Sophia El Muradi offer the best dentures to our patients. 

At the same time, we also want to provide some denture education. Here are four common myths about dentures we’d like to dispel. 

Myth #1: Dentures Feel Awkward

The fact is that adjusting to your dentures can take some time. But once you get used to them, properly fitting dentures should feel like a seamless addition to your life. You should be able to eat, talk, and smile normally. 

At Livonia Family Smiles, our team recommends a check-in visit shortly after you first get your dentures. That way, we can ensure that your dentures are sitting the way they should in your mouth, giving you the most comfortable fit possible. 

Myth #2: You’ll Have Your Dentures for Life

While dentures are a durable way to get a beautiful smile, they are subject to wear and tear through the years. On top of that, your mouth can change as you get older, making your dentures fit less well over time.

Ultimately, you may need to have your dentures relined or rebased — or even remade — at some point. Fortunately, our team at Livonia Family Smiles can help you keep your dentures fitting and functioning well through the years.

Myth #3: Dentures are Only for a Full Arch of Teeth

People often think of dentures as the full arch of teeth, almost like one-half of the little wind-up chattering teeth toy. Actually, though, we can also make dentures to replace a single tooth or a set of missing teeth. 

In other words, dentures might be a good option for you, whether you’re missing one tooth or all of your teeth. 

Myth #4: Dentures are Only for Older People

Dentures are the easiest way to replace missing teeth. Take a dental implant, another type of replacement tooth, for example. With an implant, you need oral surgery and have to wait through a long process to get your new tooth in place. Dentures, on the other hand, don’t require anything except for us to take a mold of the area and create them. 

Because dentures deliver such an easy way to fill the gap in your smile, many people choose them after losing a tooth at any age. You see? It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old; because dentures can be an excellent way to replace a tooth that gets knocked out in an accident or is extracted because of decay. 

In short, the latest dentures are versatile and comfortable. If you’d like to find out if dentures are right for you, call our office in Livonia, Michigan, or email us at to schedule your appointment today!

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