Spring Break: Your Teen's Ideal Window for Wisdom Teeth Removal

Spring Break: Your Teen's Ideal Window for Wisdom Teeth Removal

Your teen is probably busy. Between their school schedule, any extracurriculars, and their social calendar, it can be challenging to find time to do important things like looking at colleges, cleaning out their closet, or, say, getting their wisdom teeth out. 

Spring break offers a reprieve. With a week off school, you get extra time to put the necessary tasks on your teen’s calendar. And, yes, that can include removing their wisdom teeth. 

Here at Livonia Family Smiles in Livonia, Michigan, our dentistry team recommends choosing a time like spring break because it ensures your teen can relax and heal properly. As specialists in both oral surgery and family dentistry, we can work with you and your teen to find the ideal time to get their extra molars out. 

Would spring break be right for your family? Let’s take a look.

The draw of spring break

Most teens dread the actual surgery of wisdom tooth extraction more than the recovery period. But parents should certainly be prepped for the days that follow.

Recovering from wisdom tooth removal usually takes a few days. During that time, your teen will need extra care. You might need to help them change the gauze around the extraction site, find soft foods to eat, and monitor any pain medication intake, for example. 

All told, you’ll likely have your hands full. Since your family probably makes arrangements for a modified work calendar during spring break anyway, this change in everyone’s routine can be helpful. You won’t need to worry about getting any of your other kids to school. Ideally, too, you’ll be able to take some time off work yourself so you can be there for your recovering teen. 

Wisdom teeth and your travel plans

Planning a spring break wisdom tooth extraction doesn’t mean your family can’t do anything fun during the break. Generally, people fully recover from their oral surgery in four days. That means you could head out of town for an extra-long weekend — say, Saturday through Wednesday — and schedule your teen’s procedure for Thursday. That should still give them ample time to bounce back before the new school week.

All this said, if your teen has impacted wisdom teeth, recovery could take longer. In an effort to prevent any hiccups in your family’s schedule, we can assess their teeth beforehand using an X-ray. That allows us to tell you whether impaction could pose a problem. If so, you might want to schedule your teen’s removal earlier in the week.

Finding the right time to get your teen’s wisdom teeth out usually requires some finesse — but spring break can build in extra breathing room to help. If you want to see if this upcoming spring break would be a good time for your teen’s extraction, call our office in Livonia, Michigan

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