The Importance of Family Dentistry

The Importance of Family Dentistry

As dental professionals, our Livonia Family Smile team feels positive about dentistry. We wish everyone felt the same way, but we know that’s not necessarily true. Some people feel nervous about visiting the dentist, while others see it as a big, and maybe even unnecessary, hassle. 

We want to change that. Here at Livonia Family Smiles, we want to provide dental care that’s ultra-convenient and comfortable for you. And to make it even easier for everyone to get the oral health care they need, our dentistry team offers family dentistry services. 

That means every member of your family — from the baby who just got their first tooth to the most senior adult — can visit us for their dentistry needs. 

Why family dentistry? Let’s take a look. 

Family dentistry for kids

A huge part of the reason our team offers family dentistry is to help the younger members of your household. We know that going to the dentist can feel scary for kids. But we also know that forming good oral health habits now can make a big difference.

The American Dental Association (ADA) says kids should start visiting the dentist regularly as soon as they get their first tooth. But about 20% of kids ages 5-11 are living with untreated tooth decay. 

In an effort to change that, our dentists work to create a fun, welcoming environment for our younger patients. And we hope that by visiting the same office as you do for their dental care, kids will feel more relaxed in a familiar environment. 

With our family dentistry services for any kids in your family, we can help them build good oral health habits that last for life. We’re also available to help your family navigate more involved dental decisions, like choosing between traditional braces and Invisalign® and deciding if you should remove your teen’s wisdom teeth

Family dentistry for adults

You shouldn’t have to hunt high and low to find a good dentist for your children — and then repeat the whole process all over for yourself. And thanks to our family dentistry care, you won’t have to. We offer the same comfortable experience to you, too. 

Here at Livonia Family Smiles, we provide a broad array of dental care, including:

Plus, if you have your parents living with you, our family dentistry services can make your life more convenient, because we can treat them at our office. Whether they need routine cleanings or something more involved, like dentures, we’re here. 

For convenient, comfortable dental care for your whole family, call our office in Livonia, Michigan, today.

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