Three Ways We Make Your Child Feel Comfortable at the Dentist

All too many people live with anxiety about visiting the dentist, and it often stems from their experiences as children. Sitting in the dentist’s chair with a bunch of mysterious tools poking into your mouth can certainly be phobia-inducing. That’s why we think it’s so important for kids to visit a dental team that prioritizes their comfort. 

Here at Livonia Family Smiles, Dr. Aziza Askari, Dr. Emad Hajar, Dr. Sophia El Muradi, and the rest of our family dentistry team work hard to help all of our young patients feel as relaxed as possible. From the moment they walk through our doors, we want to help every child know that they’re safe and that we care about how they’re feeling during their appointment. 

Here are a few things we can do to help your child feel as comfortable as possible. 

We grow with them

As a family dentistry practice, we can be with your child through every phase of their lives. Visiting our office while they’re young helps to get them comfortable here. And then, rather than having to switch to another dentist in their teen years, we can continue to meet their dental needs as they get older. 

In other words, because we offer family dentistry, we can be your child’s dentist from birth to adulthood and beyond. That means you don’t have to visit unfamiliar offices or interact with a dental team who might not be as understanding about any nervousness your child has. 

We talk with your whole family

Here at Livonia Family Smiles, we know that a big part of helping your child feel relaxed is letting them know what to expect. We can talk with them about their cleanings or other procedures beforehand so they understand what happens during the process, if that’s something that will help them rest easier.

We’re also available to talk extensively with you. If you know your daughter or son feels nervous about visiting the dentist, have a conversation with us before you visit. That way, our team can pull out all the stops to accommodate them and help to give them the best experience possible. 

We offer sedation dentistry

If a trip to the dentist is enough to ruin your child’s day, ask us about sedation dentistry, which means we give your child something to help them relax. Sedation dentistry is safe for kids, and we can tailor the level of sedation we apply to your child’s needs.

Long story short, our family dentistry team at Livonia Family Smiles is here to partner with you to help your child feel as comfortable as possible at our office. To discuss how we can help your child relax or to set up their appointment, call our office in Livonia, Michigan, today.

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