What to Expect During and After Oral Surgery

Learning that you need oral surgery is rarely welcome news. Even so, after your oral surgery, you can expect greater oral health, comfort, and functionality. With a wisdom tooth extraction, for example, you can avoid complications and protect your straight smile. With a dental implant, you fill in the gap in your smile with a long-lasting, natural-looking tooth.

All told, oral surgery is worth it, especially when it’s handled by experts like Shiva Hogugi, DDS, Ramin Rajaee, DDS, and Aziza Askari, DMD, at Livonia Family Smiles in Livonia, Michigan. But that doesn’t mean you’ll look forward to the procedure or the recovery process. 

To help combat any nervousness, we built this guide so you know what to expect during and after oral surgery. 

During your procedure

Our Livonia Family Smiles team prioritizes your comfort above all else. That’s why we offer different anesthetic options. 

We can perform your oral procedure with local anesthetic, meaning we only numb the surgery site. This minimizes your postoperative drowsiness. Some people prefer to be awake for their oral surgery so they can be aware of what’s going on in their mouth.

But if you’d prefer, we can also perform your oral surgery with general anesthesia. This way, when you wake up, your procedure is over. 

The length of your procedure depends on which oral surgery you need. Dr. Askari, Dr. Hogugi, or Dr. Rajaee can answer any questions you have about the specifics of your procedure.

After your procedure

When you’re recovering from oral surgery, you’ll want to lie low for a few days. You may want to schedule your procedure for late in the week so you have the weekend to rest. 

Dr. Hogugi, Dr. Askari, or Dr. Rajaee will send you home with specific care instructions, like when and how to clean the surgery site. Follow the instructions to speed your healing process. 

To keep yourself comfortable, stock your house with soft foods before your surgery. Buy some gauze, too. This will allow you to apply pressure to the surgery site to minimize any bleeding. 

Use ice to minimize your swelling and discomfort as you heal. Our Livonia Family Smiles team may also prescribe a pain medication to take in the days immediately following your procedure. 

Oral surgery shouldn’t be a source of stress in your life. We want you to know what to expect and to rest easy knowing you’re in the hands of an expert oral surgeon. Call our Livonia Family Smiles office or email us at pm@livoniafamilysmiles.com today.

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