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Types Of Dental Technology

Our Livonia dentists use the latest dental technology to protect your oral health. Whether we use Waterlase for gum disease treatment or CEREC to plan and place your dental crown in one appointment, you can count on our commitment to best serve patients.

CEREC 1 Visit Crowns

Our dentists can plan and place your CEREC crown in one appointment. First, they’ll need to remove enough enamel from the tooth so the dental crown fits comfortably over top. Next, your dentist will take digital impressions of your teeth. Using these impressions, your dentist will be able to create your ceramic crown right in front of your eyes using computer-aided design and manufacturing.

We have a milling machine in our office that will precisely sculpt your dental crown from a block of ceramic. Ceramic crowns look like natural tooth enamel and are strong enough to last for years. Your same day dentist will make sure that your new tooth crown matches the natural color of your enamel so you can smile with confidence.


While drilling exerts pressure on your teeth, Waterlase is able to precisely cut through tissue without heat or vibration. Not only does this improve your comfort during a procedure, but it can also reduce your need for anesthesia, injections, and drilling. Since Waterlase is highly precise, we’re able to preserve as much natural tooth structure as possible when removing cavities.

Waterlase can also be used to reduce bleeding and discomfort during gum disease treatment.

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