FASTBRACES®️ can help you achieve noticeably straighter teeth in as little as 65 to 152 days.

Unlike traditional braces that wait until the second year to move tooth roots, FASTBRACES move your roots right away so you can enjoy a straighter smile sooner.

Ask your dentist orthodontist if you’re a candidate for FASTBRACES.



When straightening teeth, it’s important to understand that the roots hidden beneath your gums also have to move. FASTBRACES can help restore the alveolar bone (the bone containing your tooth sockets) by moving the roots to an upright position.

Benefits of FASTBRACES:

  • Get straighter teeth in as little as 65 to 152 days
  • Fewer visits to our office
  • Move teeth and their roots at the same time
  • Straighten teeth safely

Unlike other types of braces that use square brackets, the original FASTBRACES bracket system has an elbow design that moves your tooth roots toward their proper positions at the start of treatment. By moving your teeth and their roots at the same time, we’re able to significantly reduce how long you wear braces.

Our Livonia dentist orthodontists want to help you achieve your best smile with FASTBRACES or our other orthodontia services. To learn if you’re a candidate for FASTBRACES, call Livonia Family Smiles at (734) 525-6100.

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