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Do you have a dental phobia that prevents you from taking care of your teeth like you should?

Ask your dentist if IV sedation dentistry can help. During IV sedation dentistry, we insert an IV line into a vein in the crook of your arm.

The IV line provides a steady flow of medication that ensures your relaxed state for the entire procedure.

Even if you don’t have anxiety, your dentist may recommend IV sedation for intensive procedures like root canalsdental implant surgery, or wisdom teeth removalIV sedation dentistry helps reduce your anxiety by making you feel distant from what’s happening. Most patients have little to no memory of their procedures under IV sedation.


Benefits Of IV Dentistry

Since the medication is delivered intravenously, your dentist will be able to adjust the level of sedation as needed. Not only does this reduce your risk for unwanted side effects, but it also helps you recover faster from the medication after the procedure. While you may fall asleep during the procedure, your dentist will be able to easily wake you if they need you to cooperate.

Our Livonia dentists offer sedation dentistry (including IV sedation) to help patients get the dental care they need. To learn if you’re a candidate for IV sedation dentistry, call Livonia Family Smiles at (734) 525-6100.

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