Oral Examination


We recommend you schedule a dental exam with our Livonia dentist every 6 months so we can monitor your oral health.

During your appointment, we’ll be able to discover gum and teeth problems before they threaten your health.

Continue reading to learn more about oral examinations in Livonia!

Benefits Of Oral Examinations

Dentistry for Children

Tooth decay is the most common chronic childhood disease in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Fortunately, our dentists have plenty of experience helping children understand how to take care of their smiles. We take pride in helping children develop good oral hygiene habits that will last a lifetime.

During your child’s appointment, we will examine the inside of their mouth and remove plaque and tartar buildup. Plaque is an invisible film of bacteria that increases your child’s risk for cavities. Once plaque hardens into tartar, it can only be removed by a dental professional.

Our dentists will monitor your child’s facial development, paying special attention to the teeth, gums, and jawbone. You can count on us to provide quality dental care.

Dentistry for Adults

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 47.2% of Americans age 30 and older have periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is believed to aggravate conditions such as diabetes and even cardiovascular disease by releasing bacteria into the bloodstream. During your comprehensive dental exam, we’ll check for signs of gum disease so you can protect oral health.

In addition to gum disease, our dentists will also check for signs of oral cancer or TMJ disorder. People with TMJ disorder tend to experience migraines, jaw pain, sensitive teeth, and worn tooth enamel. Our dentists understand the importance of preventive dentistry in preventing larger health complications.

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