Teeth Cleanings



Brushing and flossing your teeth aren’t enough to fully protect your oral health.

You’ll also need to make sure you schedule a teeth cleaning with your dentist every 6 months.

Only a dental professional will be able to remove hardened plaque called tartar so you can avoid tooth decay and gum disease. Continue reading to learn more about teeth cleanings!

Benefits Of Teeth Cleanings

Our dental hygienist uses a special tool called a scaler to remove plaque from teeth. If you notice our dental hygienist is taking longer than usual to remove plaque, this is a sign you need to take better care of your teeth. For example, many of our patients have benefited from using a fluoride rinse every day. Once we clean your teeth, your dentist will be able to discuss ways you can improve your oral health.

Only a dental professional can remove tartar during a teeth cleaning. During a routine dental cleaning, we use gritty toothpaste to polish your teeth and remove surface stains. Over time, your teeth can get discolored from food particles and plaque left behind. Fortunately, we are able to clean your teeth so you can continue smiling with confidence.

Our dentists are dedicated to helping patients maintain healthy smiles by providing preventive dentistry services like teeth cleanings. To schedule your appointment with our Livonia dentists, call Livonia Family Smiles at (734) 525-6100.

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