Tongue-Tie Minimally Invasive Laser


Do you have a tongue-tied baby?

Some babies are born with a narrow strip of tissue connecting the tip of their tongue to the bottom of their mouth (tongue-tie).

Tongue-tie can affect your child’s ability to breastfeed, eat solid foods, and talk. Our dentists are able to quickly and safely remove tongue-tie before it becomes a problem.

Your child’s dentist will use a laser to free the tongue from being tethered to the bottom of your child’s mouth. Many parents prefer tongue-tie laser surgery to scissors because it reduces pain, bleeding, and recovery time. Our soft-tissue dental laser cauterizes as it cuts, which helps the wound quickly heal.


Tongue-Tie Laser Surgery Procedure

For safety reasons, we’re not allowed to have parents in the room during tongue-tie laser surgery. However, the entire tongue-tie surgery typically takes less than 5 minutes. After tongue-tie laser surgery, we’ll give you instructions for how to care for your child so the tongue-tie doesn’t return.

Our Livonia dentists use a laser for tongue-tie release because it reduces pain and recovery time for your baby. To schedule your child’s tongue-tie laser surgery with us, call Livonia Family Smiles at (734) 525-6100.

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