Tooth Fillings



If your dentist discovers a cavity, they’ll need to remove the decayed tooth matter and restore the tooth with a dental fillingFillings can be made out of composite resin or amalgam. The type of tooth filling you choose will depend on your insurance, budget, and whether the tooth is visible when you smile or talk.


Benefits Of Tooth Fillings

Many of our patients choose composite fillings for front teeth because they match the color of their natural tooth enamel. While amalgam fillings are typically less expensive than white fillings, they are durable enough to use on back teeth. Our dentists can help you decide what type of filling is best for your situation.

cavity filling will help restore your tooth to its original strength so you can smile with confidence. The sooner we are able to spot a cavity, the smaller the filling will be. This is why it’s so important to schedule an oral examination and teeth cleaning with your dentist at least every 6 months.

Our Livonia dentists are dedicated to helping you restore your smile after tooth decay. We strive to help patients maintain good oral health. To schedule your appointment, call Livonia Family Smiles at (734) 525-6100.

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