Wisdom Teeth Removal



Your wisdom teeth are the third molars that come in between the ages of 17 and 25. While some people are able to keep their wisdom teeth, most need them extracted to prevent crowding. Our dentists may recommend wisdom teeth removal if they notice your third molars are coming in at an angle. Sometimes, the jaw may not be big enough to accommodate the extra teeth.


Wisdom Teeth Removal Procedure

Your dentist will take dental x-rays to predict the trajectory of your wisdom teeth before they come through the gum line. That way, we’ll be able to determine whether you need wisdom tooth extraction. We understand that each patient is different, which is why we thoroughly evaluate your case before recommending wisdom teeth surgery.

People are able to live normal lives without their wisdom teeth. In fact, wisdom teeth removal is preferable to having these molars push other teeth out of the way as they erupt through the gum line. Some people are able to avoid wisdom teeth removal if the molars are coming in straight and there’s enough room in the jaw.

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